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I’m Tasha Nichole King

I live and work in Sacramento, CA. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Finance in 2002 at Sacramento State University. After reaching a state of burnout and depression in 2018 ,after 15 years of state government service, I decided for the sake of my health and sanity to change direction and pursue a calling in art. Art pulled me through a very dark time. I exhibited my work for the first time at an art pop up at Oak Park First Friday’s at the Brickhouse Art Gallery in September 2019.

I am an abstract painter. My paintings illustrate the emotional effects on the mind, body and spirit.  Through the use of vibrant colors, shapes, and bold brush strokes my paintings evoke a spiritual connection. The imagery, message, or feeling from my paintings are for someone’s healing, the answer to a prayer or a reminder. I hope my art taps into the spiritual being of everyone to make them feel something wonderful at the very least a chance for introspection. I wish to leave more beauty in the world so that others can experience joy, happiness, love, and peace. May my art touch your heart and soul, offer healing through my story and be a source of inspiration and empowerment for others to walk their journey.

Each piece deserves a loving space. If a piece speaks to your soul and makes you feel something every time you look at it or new emotions emerge then that piece is for you. I would love to release it to you…someone who will honor, appreciate and love it as much as I did creating it.

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