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Michelle Rainey of Bakersfield is planning to bring a coalition of business people to Taste of Soul from the Bakersfield Black Business Community. Ms. Rainey, who is from Los Angeles, has been working with Black Businesses in Bakersfield for years and had this unique idea to connect them to the Los Angeles small business community through Taste of Soul. Ms. Rainey wants to this coalition of businesses to see what is done when businesses are brought together to do something positive to further economic development in an atmosphere full of fun, good food & great entertainment.

Bakersfield Black Dollar Initiative was created by Michelle Rainey in 2014. Michelle’s experience and knowledge as a retail manager for many years, coupled with her desire to be socially conscious about the power of spending, led her to create this company that specializes in promoting/targeting businesses that are owned and operated by African Americans. Because of her direct contact and networking skills, more than 300 businesses are now listed in the Bakersfield Black Dollar Initiative (BBDI) directory, which links customers to professional service vendors, apparel owners, doctors, lawyers and a whole host of other services. Michelle has brought awareness to her community by hosting Mystery Bus Tours to select businesses in her directory. BBDI has brought awareness to what many rarely give a second thought to; “Your Money is Your Power”.

Taste of Soul welcomes the Bakersfield Black Business Community to Taste of Soul!

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Our Mission


The Bakersfield Black Dollar Initiative (BBDI) is an organized effort that  promotes awareness, patronization and economic growth of Black-owned and diverse grassroots and franchise small businesses in the Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Oakland, Pasadena/Altadena and Fresno community.  Our intent is to promote the existence of these businesses to develop a continued customer relationship as well as consistent patronization through communication and connective events, whereby Supporting One Another on PURPOSE!

STILL consciously thinking of recirculating our Black dollars within our Black-owned businesses, our hope and intent is to become and remain a strong thriving unified community.

Your Money Your Power



An Online Black-owned business Directory of Professionals in various professions.

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